AuthorSolutions, Inc., Escapes Again

The court case filed in New York state by the Indiana couple against ASI (AuthorSolutions, Inc.) was settled between the two plaintiffs and ASI under terms and conditions satisfactory to both parties.  Of course the plaintiffs are prevented from discussing settlement terms, and the class action request was denied.  The gist of the class action denial was that the case needed to be filed in ASI’s, home state, which is Indiana.  From the outset I never understood why the law firm representing the victims filed in New York.  I questioned this decision further because every major case pertaining to intellectual property involving books seems to end up on Judge Denise Cote’s docket.  And given this jurist’s unsympathetic history toward the plaintiffs with respect to these sorts of cases, I find it unfathomable that the law firm elected to file in New York.  Now it will remain to be seen as to where this goes next.  I continue to discuss ASI because this involves authors and the de minimus nature of their respective rights to restitution as seen through the eyes of our legal system.

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