Amazon Prime Payouts Reference Books

Amazon’s conversion to still another format for author royalties for material accessed via the Kindle Prime program once again has me scratching my head, as I couldn’t make any sense out of the previous metrics for payment distribution. All of us utilizing Amazon (and we have so many choices) receive reader page counts, but how this translates to real money is beyond me. My greatest complaint, however, is that a reference manual such as my book of articles (HOW TO WRITE WHAT PEOPLE WILL PAY TO READ!) is generally not read from cover to cover, any more than most people will read a GREGG or THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE. I’m hardly placing my book at the level of either of these iconoclasts of scholarship, but I’m confident everyone understands what I’m implying. Page count for a reference work simply doesn’t apply in the same way it does for someone reading a novel.

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