Activists Versus Amazon “Comments” Deletion

Activists versus Amazon, the hits keep right on comin’.  Amazon now purportedly deletes book “comments” if they are from activists (the posts, not the books).  First, these aren’t activists.  They are trolls: malcontents who claim to believe everything is a conspiracy.  How is something proffered by a legitimate activist the same as what’s posted by a true social misfit.  Or by a misguided fool who has nothing better to do than get under the skin of a kind soul who will let this happen?

I can’t participate in writers’ blogs because I don’t even have the time for my own blog.  But I wouldn’t anyhow because of my experience ten years ago with clowns who profess everything and know nothing.  Yet these idiots have the time to let their sheer volume of words wear down neophytes who aren’t in a position to argue.  Obviously there is no possible mechanism to guarantee defining what’s accurate from that which isn’t.  However, a troll is a troll–and calling one by any other name is absurd.

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