A Successful Traditionally Published Author Happily Self-Publishes

Not long ago i read that Allison Winn Scotch, author of  the bestselling TIME OF MY LIFE, is self-publishing her latest novel THE THEORY OF OPPOSITES.  She said, “After a terribly discouraging experience with my fourth book, based not on the book (which I loved) or the reviews (which were the strongest of my career) but things totally outside of my control, I knew I had to change something.”  Scotch writes a thoughtful and thorough piece about her self-publishing process: “I hired an editor who ran a top publishing imprint, and who did not hold back on her editorial advice; I hired the jacket and layout designer who had created my books at Random House; I hired a copyeditor; I invested in an amazing publicist; I am printing the books via one of the same printers that the ‘traditionals’ use.”

Since I am a book editor by trade, what I just posted is indeed self-serving, but I wanted to document that here is a successful writer who hired both a developmental editor and then an independent copyeditor.  One or the other likely provided line-editing suggestions, as this is of course another step in the publishing process.  In Ms. Scotch’s case hiring a publicist is a sound idea, since she’s an established author, but I would have suggested she hire a book marketer first, such as M.J. Rose with AuthorBuzz.com.

Ms. Rose is also an accomplished author, and she just signed a three-book deal, so congratulations, and if any of you should ever desire book marketing by one of the industry’s foremost professionals, she is regarded as one of the best.  I’ve found M. J. (she uses her initials because her first name is difficult to remember and hard to pronounce) to be scrupulously honest and a real breath of fresh air in a swamp that’s full of alligators (did I say that?).  Writers with the means can get started with her firm for about $3,500, and I’ve not heard the first complaint from anyone I know who has used her.  For anyone interested, I do not receive one dime for recommending her but wish I did receive a kickback, ha ha.

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