WOLL Author Hugh Howey Interview on Price Points and Blogging

I want to once again mention Hugh Howey, the author of the very successful WOLL Sci-Fi series.  The link is to a three-minute video that I encourage anyone considering e-publishing to read.  I found two things above all else that should be taken from his interview.  One is, even though he is a writer who is selling at a rate of $100,000 in monthly volume, he sells his e-books for 99 cents, a price point I’ve suggested for all authors starting out.  And didn’t Amanda Hocking also choose this price point for her digital material?  There’s a story here, and I’m not making a pun.  The $.99 to $2.99 retail for e-books is not something I’ve been throwing out without foundation for the past couple of years.
The other thing beyond good pricing that in my opinion helped Mr. Howey was his genre.  Sci-Fi fans are often quite “vocal” on the Internet when they get behind something.  And this is what occurred with WOLL.  So if you write Sci-Fi, and have self-e-published, by all means start working the Sci-Fi blogs, another issue I’ve been adamant about for some time.  This is a requisite, not something that falls into the “Oh, well, I might do this if I have the time” category.  This is a “roll up your sleeves” and “dig in” must.  Again, here’s the link to Mr. Howey’s interview.  He mentions how digital books have lowered the barrier to entry for writers.  But he also explains the correct way to view this, and I believe he’s spot-on.  I know I’m beating this to death, but I encourage all Newsletter subscribers who are involved with digital publishing to take the three minutes and listen to his interview.

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