Monthly Archives: October 2016

Espresso Book Machine in Bookstores

A bookstore in Paris, France has an Espresso Book Machine on its premises–and few physical books on its shelves.  The owner’s reasoning for choosing the in-house printing technology is not unique.  He cited rising rents and the overall expense involved with maintaining thousands of feet of space to accommodate hundreds […]

Plagiarized Books Remain A Huge Problem on Amazon

Publishers Marketplace provided this link concerning the plagiarized self-publishing of e-books on Amazon.   The article initially appeared on June 5, 2016, in “The Atlantic” magazine.  I’ve consistently (tragically) pointed out instances of prolific offenders who take advantage of bona fide authors by placing plagiarized works via Amazon.  The company […]

Genre for Children’s Books Remains Strong

Anyone who follows book sales results that are tracked by the major booksellers and others will notice just how strong the Children’s genre remains.  I remarked recently that Thrillers are flat to down (sadly, since this is what I write).  This pattern follows the entire Suspense category, while Children’s and […]

Franchise Writers, How Much Material They Really Write

The rapid rate at which certain franchise writers can churn out material is truly astounding.  The current franchise king, James Patterson, admits to utilizing a team of writers who flesh out stories for which he provides just an outline.  Some literary franchises, such as the long-dead Robert Ludlum’s, utilize material […] “Word” Indexing/TOC Links

Kimberly Hitchens, the founder of, provides this link for anyone interested in learning Microsoft Word the right way.  I find the material amazingly comprehensive.  For anyone not proficient with the nuances of Word, this is one link that’s a must to bookmark. You might want to tell Kimberly how […]

Grammar Question Tops List of Anomalies

I’m just as befuddled by grammar anomalies as anyone.  I marvel, after all these years, at the oddities that still crop up to make editing interesting.  Olusola Akinwale, a longtime Newsletter subscriber from Lagos, Nigeria, who works as a research analyst in his country, asked about this line he’d seen, […]