Monthly Archives: August 2016

“New” Beatrix Potter Manuscript Discovered

A Beatrix Potter manuscript was just “discovered,” and I predicted that after GO SET A WATCHMAN there would be a number of “remarkable” finds around the corner.  This has proved to be the case, and there will be more.  I wouldn’t even doubt if the book by Matthew, Mark, Luke, […]

HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN, by Dave Mallegol, the Third Book in the “The Story of the Bronze Horsemen” Series

HUNT FOR THE WOLF CLAN, by Dave Mallegol, is the third book in “The Bronze Horsemen” trilogy, all of which I’ve provided editorial assistance in one capacity or another. The tales of “The Bronze Horsemen” are special for a number of reasons.  At the top of the list is the […]

Discipline of Professional Editing Defined in One Line

An article by Lee Boudreaux, a young editor who recently received her own imprint at Little Brown, explains the discipline of editing with striking clarity. The material is not long, and I suggest that it’s worth any writer’s time to read.  Especially anyone who is serious about becoming published or […]

“Everything to Lose” by Pete and Judy Ratto

As an editor, of course my greatest delight of all is when a client of mine is published by a bona fide royalty publisher.  Unfortunately, in the overwhelming majority of instances I’m not able to discuss the material because of nondisclosure agreements.  These are particularly prevalent in fiction and a […]

Activists Versus Amazon “Comments” Deletion

Activists versus Amazon, the hits keep right on comin’.  Amazon now purportedly deletes book “comments” if they are from activists (the posts, not the books).  First, these aren’t activists.  They are trolls: malcontents who claim to believe everything is a conspiracy.  How is something proffered by a legitimate activist the […]