Monthly Archives: May 2016

Writers United Files Amazon Lawsuit

Writers United, a group of 900 or so members and headed by Douglas Preston (a writer whose work I’ve not read) is calling for the Justice Department to investigate Amazon, essentially for operating a monopoly.  I normally wouldn’t comment on this because it’s like saying that the Pope is a […]

Writers Have No Rights!

I recently commented on Tess Gerritsen’s throwing in the towel with respect to pursuing her “rights” case against her publisher.  At first pass this might not seem like such a big deal–until Ms. Gerritsen’s gravitas in the market is taken into consideration.  And she’s also smart enough to have gotten […]

Digital Book Pricing Downturn

A spate of digital-only self-publishing houses have closed in the past year (Off-the is the most recent casualty I’m aware of).  Anyone reading Publishers Marketplace saw that Scribd is substantially reducing its Romance titles.  The firm cited the voracious appetites of those who read the genre essentially overworking it.  […]

“The Real Price of Traditional Publishing,” by Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith has fought the publishing wars for many years.  His article, “The Real Price of Traditional Publishing” is well worth reading.  For one, it supports a lot of what I’ve covered in my Newsletters over the years.  Many folks have pointed out that his bias is obvious, and […]

Book Contract Complexity

Forever, I’ve been discussing publishers’ book contracts so writers will consider hiring an attorney who specializes in intellectual property before signing the agreement.  And, I’ve also said that I’m abundantly aware that all most anyone sees the first time around is “Wow!  I have a book contract.”  Nothing is worse, […]

Signing Book Contract Attorney Requirement

A recent lawsuit has been filed with the American Booksellers Association as one of the litigants versus Amazon.  Once again, price fixing is what’s behind the suit, and one can only hope that at some point sanity (and God willing, common sense) will enter into the equation.  I have apologized […]

Concessions–Author Book Contracts

>The New York Observer discusses the Amazon format and the Netflix “Oyster” program. Anyone who has a book currently listed with Amazon, which I imagine involves most of us, should read this article, as its message is incredibly important to all writers hoping to earn something from their books’ publication. […]

Pinheiro Evaluating Book Reviews

I found the Christine Pinheiro article excellent.  Obviously she agrees with my thinking or I wouldn’t have showcased her material (just kidding).  I do, however, appreciate reinforcement, especially when it involves a subject that can influence writers in a major way.  I know of competent authors, and one in particular, […]