Monthly Archives: March 2016

Rigging Book Reviews

It’s impossible to understand what’s occurred with book reviews related to everything from relevancy to honesty without mentioning John Locke’s admission that he paid for somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 book reviews and found this perfectly all right. I’ve always believed that it’s easy to be enamored with something […]

“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

This bestseller “analysis” is for THE HELP, Ms. Kathryn Stockett’s treatment of love and hate and racial hypocrisy in the Deep South in the early ’60s. As always, my reasons for liking or not caring for a story seldom fit the model defined by the critical mass, one way or […]

Debut Big Literary Fiction Big Bucks

A recent article from The Wall Street Journal, “Betting Big on Literary Newcomers,” discusses advances paid for “debut” Literary Fiction–and last year four were in excess of one million dollars. This article flies in the face of naysayers implying that Literary Fiction is perhaps the toughest genre of crack. First, […]