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I’ve often suggested that it can be of great benefit to parse dialogue runs written by excellent “dialogists” and analyze the exposition that adumbrates the exchanges. I discussed longtime Newsletter subscriber Elma Schemenauer’s mastery of writing exposition within dialogue. I ask subscribers to my wild ravings to please take a […]


I have a great many clients I think a lot of, but none any more so than Sirena Gibson-Ross, an obviously misguided soul who started with me five or so years ago and has remained loyal. I’ve found her to be a wonderful talent with an imagination I envy, as […]


THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO was particularly riddled with “issues,” so but here’s why I believe it resonated with so many readers, regardless of its miscues: Above all else THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO was often convoluted and discursive, yet the two protagonists could not have been more […]

New Adult and Romance Lead Digital Imprints

New Adult and Romance genres lead digital publishing by mainstream imprints.  A substantial opportunity exists for New Adult (the 18-to-21 age group) and Romance material, and there are open doors for debut authors in both genres as well. The advances for digital New Adult and Romance material might not be […]

Dominating Publishing Trends for Fiction in 2016

During this past year I’ve mentioned dominating publisher trends.  YA, and particularly the Children’s and the Picture Book subgenres, continue their strength from 2015.  And if anyone can illustrate and tell a preschool story, this seems to be the market with the easiest barrier to entry at the major-house level. […]

Word-Count Bias in Literature

Literature and word-count.  Does it matter? I recently had two outstanding clients’ works of Literature rejected by agents I’ve worked with for many years.  In both instances, the books were niche-oriented and fit in perfectly with the boutique nature of the respective literary agencies. It’s always hard to get the […]