Monthly Archives: August 2015

Self-Publishing Firms Closing in Droves

A spate of self-publishing companies have closed shop in the past year or so. Time and again I’ve discussed how even a multimillion-dollar budget that enables the hiring of top-shelf marketing talent doesn’t guarantee that a publisher’s titles will get read. I see no value in providing a list of […]

IPPY Winner, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, by James Babb

IPPY Winner–THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, by client James Babb!  Nothing gives me greater joy than touting the success of a client’s work. In this instance “work” should be “works,” since James Babb’s THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE and THE DEVIL’S TRAP are both finalists for the Next Generation Indie Award in Juvenile Fiction. […]

Mick Rooney Interview, “The Independent Publishing Magazine” Founder

I want to introduce Mick Rooney, who is the founder and publisher of The Independent Publisher Magazine, an Internet-based medium that focuses on aiding writers seeking to self-publish. Here is the Q&A I structured, and I’m immensely pleased that Mick is sharing his experiences and expertise with all of us. […]

Arkansas Historical Society Honors James Babb

I’m immensely happy to once again praise client James Babb, who recently accepted an award for excellence presented by The Arkansas Historical Society for his novel THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE. James was particularly pleased with this honor because it validated that his story was indeed historically accurate. James has not had […]

I, MARY, Mike Hartner’s Historical Adventure Series, Book 3

Chapter 1 I looked upon the gray waters that surrounded me. To the west it was dark and cloudy, the wind blustering. But as I braced myself against the gale hitting full force against my peacoat, I smiled. It was fitting that I was here, and nothing could ever convince […]