Monthly Archives: July 2015

Long-Tail Fallacy Continues Unabated–Missing Markets

Long-tail mishmash indeed. HarperCollins CFO Bedi Singh made a comment while reporting on the current state of the publishing giant’s business categories. During his discourse that everything was great (is there ever any other remark senior executives make when discussing their firm’s products and/or services?), Singh said, “We like the […]

AuthorSolutions, Inc., Litigation Continues to Mount–Class Action Possible

Class action potential against ASI? I noticed that a senior citizen from my home state of Indiana has filed suit against AuthorSolutions, Inc., for deceptive marketing practices (the firm’s home office is in Bloomington). Her attorneys are attempting to achieve class-action status for the case, and it remains to be […]

Harper Book-Pricing Model Confusing

All of the pricing issues I’ve been discussing lately involve self-published material by essentially unknown authors.  This brings me to Harper’s recent decision respective of e-book pricing for its “name” authors.  Without getting into “agency pricing” and the litigation involving the Apple price-fixing suit that spawned the phrase, Harper has […]