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GONE GIRL – The Bad, The Ugly, and The Good

I don’t routinely do much book reviewing and can’t remember the last time I provided one. But I recently stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish GONE GIRL. And I’m bringing up Ms. Flynn’s book because she steps all over a couple of my rules. One pertains to using a […]

Criteria for Juvenile and YA Classifications Under Review

I noticed that an entity formally called the “Book Industry Study Group” is reviewing the criteria for Juvenile and YA classifications. While it’s impossible to please virtually any reader’s perception of what a category should or should not contain (“contain” and not “allow”), I’ll leave this to folks a lot […]

Legal Decision on “Class Action” Status for ASI Lawsuit

Legal decision imminent?  A number of writers have contacted me concerning issues with Author Solutions, Inc., and one or more of this company’s dozen or so imprints (Xlibris, iUniverse, Author House, et al.)  Shortly, a decision will be forthcoming regarding whether or not class action status will be allowed for […]

Large Cash Stipend Literary Awards

I commented in last month’s Newsletter about the $50,000 Award for SE Asian Literature won by Jhumpa Lahiri; first, for the size of the stipend; and, second, for this amount slipping under my radar. Granted, this contest applied to only native SE Asian authors writing SE Asian content, but this […]

Amazon “Prime” Pool Pays Bonuses Not Royalties

Around the middle of each month, Amazon publishes its numbers from its author pool for books that are borrowed via the Kindle Unlimited program.  The January Amazon Prime fund was listed at $8.5 million, which breaks down to $1.38 per book for the 6.175 million books that were borrowed.  While […]

Dead Major Authors Keep Writing

I’m not of the ”grassy knoll” ilk, but dead authors continue to write.  I found it peculiar that Harper Lee discovered a lost manuscript at a time when she was receiving enormous publicity regarding her estate’s disposition upon her death.  Now, 20 years after his death, a heretofore unknown Dr. […]

Ghost Story by Sirena Ross on “The Catalyst”

Sirena Ross’s 15-minute video narration of her short ghost story, THE CHOSEN ONE, on a site called The Catalyst, is in my opinion worth any writer’s time to view, as this technique clearly demonstrates another very-high-quality method for stimulating interest–and not only for the story but for its author as […]

“The Independent Publishing Magazine”

I came across what I believe is a very good resource for writers, and even though it’s geared to self-publishing, I’m of the opinion that anyone seeking publication at any level would benefit from “The Independent Publishing Magazine.” This is an e-medium founded by a chap named Mick Rooney, and […]

Agent Laurie McLean Says Literary Agent Unncessary 2

Excellent writer, longtime Newsletter subscriber, and good friend Buck Buchanan sent me a blog post by agent Laurie McLean.  She explains why an author doesn’t need a literary agent–but might find it a good idea to have one. The first book I bought that pertained to the publishing industry was […]