Monthly Archives: April 2015

“Pulp Fiction’s” Origination

“Pulp fiction.”  Ever wonder how the phrase originated?  In 1939, Robert de Graffe founded Pocket Books, and his publishing house’s ensuing history spawned the couplet.  To explain what occurred in clear, concise detail, here’s an article by Louis Menand, who writes for The New Yorker magazine.  His  material provides a […]

Unlimited Program Shortcomings Baffling

Unlimited Program monthly numbers for Kindle Prime members continue to baffle.  If correct (from November 2015), Amazon put up $6.5 million for the author pool in its Unlimited Program for “borrowed” books.  This sounds terrific until factoring the month’s 4.8 million “borrows” into this.  The result is $1.35 per “use,” […]