Monthly Archives: February 2015

Quality Literature Major-Imprint Focus 2

Quality literature really does matter to the mainstream publishing houses.  In this long article I’m going to be discussing why mainstream publishers are crucial for the success of every writer, no matter how this author enters the world of becoming published.  My starting point is to suggest taking a look […]

Big-Name Authors Publish Own Books

More big-name authors are joining the ranks of “personal” publishers.  Hence, I’m going to make a prediction.  In part it’s due to the success John Locke and a few others like him have had at becoming their own publishers.  My belief is that we’ll soon see more big-name authors going […]

Amazon “Prime” Royalties Remain Mysterious

Amazon Prime royalties remain a mystery to figure out.  In the “gimme a break” category, Amazon Prime is currently paying authors $1.33 for each book that’s streamed via its “unlimited” program.  Since $1.33 is about half of what an author would normally be paid for a softcover, a memo has […]

“Consider the Sunflowers” – Excellent Exposition Within Dialogue

It’s with great pride that I showcase “Consider the Sunflowers,” by longtime Newsletter subscriber and supporter, Elma Schemenauer.  Anyone who has ever struggled with the proper blend of exposition within a dialogue exchange can turn to any page in her narrative and witness a master at work in this regard.  […]

One of the Biggest Missteps in Publishing History–Missing an Advance by $8 Million

Time and again I’ve written that there’s virtually nothing about writing or the publishing industry that’s chiseled in stone. If Charles Frazier’s purported $3 million advance for his fourth novel doesn’t exemplify my contention, I don’t know what does.  Mr. Frazier holds the dubious distinction of writing a book that […]