Yearly Archives: 2015

Defending Editing Vocation

Over the years I’ve accepted the task of defending editing as both a vocation and discipline necessary for any mortal with the intent of becoming published by a royalty imprint. Then as self-publishing became more common and eventually routine I championed the use of a professional editor as a means […]

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, Analysis by Robert L. Bacon

In the past few Newsletters I’ve included an analysis of a major bestseller, with the idea of giving subscribers some ideas of why the book was such a hit with readers. In some instances this involves rereading material, as was the case most recently with FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. I […]

Declining E-Book Sales

A number of reputable sources have recently reported declining e-book sales, and client and longtime Newsletter subscriber Ali Alebrahim sent me a wonderful article that succinctly explains what I too believe are the reasons for the softer numbers. As I recently said regarding my personal library, if I desire credibility […]

Alliant International University/AuthorSolutions, Inc. 2

Author Solutions, Inc., has teamed up with Alliant International University. According to Andrew Phillips, ASI president and CEO, “. . . the efficiencies of supported self-publishing to the university-press model could dramatically reduce barriers of entry, ultimately resulting in learning institutions disseminating scholarship for the greater good.” First, I didn’t […]

Aussie Literary Agent “GREY” Lawsuit

The Aussie boutique literary agency that originally sold FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY to Random House has made the news feeds for some time. We’ve all read about the person who found this or that at a garage sale, bought it for five dollars, and it’s worth a half-million, and now […]

Noncompete Clauses in Author Contracts

Since so many of my Newsletter subscribers accessed the recent links to Author Guild articles, I’m providing another. In this instance regarding noncomplete clauses in author contracts. I’ll let the article speak for itself and not reprint the text.  But the salient issue implies that the standard publisher contract includes […]

Self-Publishing Firms Closing in Droves

A spate of self-publishing companies have closed shop in the past year or so. Time and again I’ve discussed how even a multimillion-dollar budget that enables the hiring of top-shelf marketing talent doesn’t guarantee that a publisher’s titles will get read. I see no value in providing a list of […]