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WOLL Author Hugh Howey Interview on Price Points and Blogging

I want to once again mention Hugh Howey, the author of the very successful WOLL Sci-Fi series.  The link is to a three-minute video that I encourage anyone considering e-publishing to read.  I found two things above all else that should be taken from his interview.  One is, even though […]

Writing Does Not Offer a Quick Road to Fame and Fortune–But Success Can Happen with Hard Work

Fame and fortune!   I’m constantly driving just how long it takes on average for a writer to make it with the now Big 5.  I’ve consistently mentioned the number of writers who espouse the “6 and 14” model, which equates to writing 6 books during a 14-year period before […]

Hugh Howey and WOLL and Successful E-Book Pricing

In this piece I’m offering excerpts from an interview with Jupiter, Florida’s, Hugh Howey, who’s had substantial success by selling his WOLL Sci-Fi series in a digital format for $.99 per volume.  To get an idea of how well regarded Mr. Howey is with Amazon, the firm’s vice president of […]

Kensington Publishing Is Only Major Continuing to Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts, But the Writer Must Understand Genre

The only major publisher I’m aware of that continues to consider unsolicited material for its imprints is Kensington, which is not categorized as a Big 5 publisher because it remains independent and not part of a conglomerate. Regardless, Kensington has imprints covering a dozen or more genres, and subscribers can […]

Indie Publisher Midnight Ink Wins Bid for Book

Interesting vignette I read regarding Midnight Ink, a quality indie Mystery imprint many writers will be familiar with, winning a bid not long ago for a book that was auctioned.  I’m not aware of an indie seriously bidding for a project in the current publishing climate, so it shows that […]

Self-Publishing Successes and a Marketing Idea or Two

If a self-published book can acquire a following, it has proven that it is marketable.  How marketable of course is dictated by actual sales numbers, and these are going to be based almost entirely on the aggressiveness of the author related to his or her commitment to the story.  As […]

USA Today Number-One Bestsellers for the Past 20 Years

Here are the covers and statistics for all of 320 titles that held down the number-one spot on USA Today’s list during the past 20 years.  Fiction and nonfiction are listed together, and it might be fun to scroll through the list and see how may titles you have read.  […]

Clive Cussler’s Amazing Book Sales Statistics

I had a good chuckle when I read the final legal disposition regarding the film company that was suing Clive Cussler, his agent, and his publishers as a result of SAHARA’s producing less than desired box office receipts (way less).  Seems everyone was suing Mr. Cussler et al. for overestimating […]

Amazon Has Difficulty Marketing Its Private-Label Titles

It sure ain’t easy, even for the very best, to market a book in today’s environment. Amazon’s private imprints are a prime example, as it’s been widely reported that their general trade lines have fallen woefully short of expectations. I commented in my Newsletter that Larry Kirshbaum, Amazon’s private label […]

Literary Agencies Offering Self-Publishing Services–Writers Take Warning

I continue to bemoan literary agencies offering self-publishing services for their clients. To date, I know of only one that has received any sort of success, and this is Dystel & Goderich, which from my recollection started the ball rolling from the perspective of “name” agencies getting involved with self-publishing. […]