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Pulitzer Prize Winners and Bestseller Lists

I’m constantly asked about bestseller lists and how this or that book could have possibly made the oeuvre.  I’ve commented on this ad nauseum, so I won’t belabor this via this short piece, but if you have nothing to do and want to read something I find fascinating, take a […]

Publish America Is Now America Star Books

It’s been all over the blogs, but in case any subscriber missed it, notorious self-publisher Publish America has changed its name to of all things America Star Books.  I echo the sentiments of others who have wondered why it took the company so long to make this decision, as the […]

Panda and Penguin Algorithms Affect Google Rankings by Dampening Article-Aggregator Proliferation

With respect to book marketing for authors starting out, I’ve often suggested that these writers consider writing short articles on subjects that pertain to the respective books they wrote and post these on an article-aggregator site. I singled out EzineArticles as the one I used that got me on the […]

“Just Jake” Proves That All the Rules Can Be Broken on the Road to Publication

Many folks have read or heard about JUST JAKE, the early-YA story of the trials and tribulations written by a kid named, oddly enough, Jake (Marcionette is his last name.) He’s 13 now and wrote the book when he was 12, and it deals with his sixth-grade experiences. This book’s […]

Publishers Marketplace Seems to Be Getting More Parochial of Late

For as long as I’ve been publishing my Newsletter I’ve advised folks to subscribe to Publishers Marketplace because the daily Publishers Lunch provides concurrent information. Michael Cader deserves enormous praise for taking his business in a dozen or so years from scratch to now serving 40,000 subscribers for his paid […]

James Patterson Making Good on Pledge to Donate $1 Million to Independent Bookstores

James Patterson is making good on his pledge to donate $1,000,000 to independent bookstores across the nation.  Thus far he’s cut checks totaling more than $265,000 to 55 stores, which means each has received on average $5,000.  In today’s economy this might not seem like much, but to a small, […]

Harlequin Sales Figures for Past Five Years Show Steady Decline

Regarding a well-known imprint, here are the Harlequin figures from the past five years, and they present a clear trend that should not be a surprise to anyone, as they indicate a 20-percent decline in sales during the period: 2013: $398 million 2012: $426.5 million 2011: $459 million 2010: $468 […]

Cameron Literary Agency (formerly Reece Halsey North) and Redemption Books

In April, the Kimberley Cameron Literary Agency kicked off its own imprint, Redemption Books*.  I’ve dealt with Kimberley and a couple of her agents during the past ten years, and from my experiences, without reservation, that there are no finer people in the industry than those affiliated with her agency.  […]

Author Solutions Inc. Banned from Penguin U.K., and Exorbitant Fees for Kirkus Reviews

On the negative side of the publishing equation, a while ago Penguin UK banned Author Solutions Inc. from advertising in its Booksellers trade journal.  ASI (iUniverse, Xilibris, et al.) was charging clients what amounted to $10,000 in U.S. funds for listing a book in their promo material.  In the future, […]

“Their Eyes Are Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston Recently Made the Kobo Top-10 List

I’m always ecstatic when what I consider to be classical contemporary literature makes a broad-based reader list.  And I noticed in a recent Kobo Top-10 List that Zora Neale Hurston’s magnificent novel THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD was listed.  Oprah had showcased this story some time ago, as this book […]