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A Successful Traditionally Published Author Happily Self-Publishes

Not long ago i read that Allison Winn Scotch, author of  the bestselling TIME OF MY LIFE, is self-publishing her latest novel THE THEORY OF OPPOSITES.  She said, “After a terribly discouraging experience with my fourth book, based not on the book (which I loved) or the reviews (which were […]

Is the Future of Publishing Tied to the Espresso Book Machine?

In recent Newsletters I’ve made my contention clear that I believe the large brick and mortar bookstore will sadly become a thing of the past, and sooner rather than later.  I noticed recently that Books-a-Million is placing Espresso Book Machines in their stores in Birmingham, Alabama, and Portland, Maine.  This […]

Syd Field Made a Tremendous Contribution to Prose Writers As Well As Screenwriters

I normally don’t comment when an author of an academic nature dies, as that person might be noteworthy solely to me and a group of that individual’s followers, but I was deeply saddened to learn that Syd Field, who is pictured below, passed away last year at age 77.  Anyone […]

Publishers Do Edit–The Question Is, When?

In my Newsletters, I’ve discussed at length the question of whether or not mainstream publishers edit.  A former Random House editor-in-chief, Dan Menaker, in the Daily Beast lists four book he considers “under-appreciated” books that he edited.  They are Zoli by Colum McCann, Serpent Girl by Matthew Carnahan, Blood Kin […]

More on Evaluating Book Reviews

Properly evaluating book reviews is not easy, as reviewers come in three categories:  the academician who reviews work for scholarly purposes or pursuits, the professional critic who writes for a newspaper, magazine, or some other established media, and the lay reader who offers abundant opinions on the Internet and elsewhere. […]

Writers Must Be Aware of the Negative Aspects of the Publishing Business

I absolutely hate discussing the warts inherent within the publishing industry as I know the business from my limited perspective, but I believe writers should have an honest understanding of the market so legitimate assessments can be made and realistic goals established.  I believe my clients would tell anyone that […]

Successful Marketing Idea for Self-Published Writers

To date, client Dave Mallegol has marketed more than 1,000 copies of THE BRONZE HORSEMEN.  I use the word “market” as a euphemism, since Dave has made the bulk of his sales at Green Markets within an hour of where he lives in South Florida.  He has his protocols for […]

Good Stories Sell Books Regardless of the Medium

Longtime Newsletter subscriber and client James Babb recently received an order for 180 copies of THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE from a single school in Arkansas! At present, 4,000 copies of his book are in the hands of his avid fans. Another client, Mike Hartner, has compiled his totals for I, WALTER, […]

Book Reviews and How to Access Their Value

First, anyone can dislike anything for any reason.  A person might not like the color of my car, how I comb my hair, or the way I eat French-onion soup.  It happens.  Would any Newsletter subscriber lose sleep if another person didn’t like your habits pertaining to the three areas […]–The Writer’s Choice for Book Formatting in Any Medium 1

I realize that I overkill certain issues, and while I apologize for this tendency, my reason is that so many aspects of writing and publishing–which might not seem very important–are in truth hugely significant at one point or another in the overall scheme of things.  Related to publishers, for some […]