Daily Archives: July 19, 2014

Copyright Issue Authors Need to Understand

Not long ago I wrote an article on copyright nuance, and I devoted a short section in a recent Newsletter to the issue, as it’s ultra important and very confusing.  First and foremost, since 1989 no work requires the copyright symbol © after its title to be legally considered the […]

Author’s Alliance and “Open Access” and Understanding A New Self-Publishing Wrinkle

If any subscribers might have clicked the link in Publishers Marketplace to the new Authors Alliance that’s in its formative stage, it apparently is operated by four Berkeley professors who believe in the Cory Doctorow mandate that anything, once published in any medium, is immediately public domain. These professors all […]

” 101 Quick Actions You Can Take to Build the Writer’s Platform of Your Dreams,” by Kimberly Grabbas

Whether self- or mainstream-published, every new author is bombarded with ideas on how to develop an author platform on the Internet, and I’ve found this plethora of advice to quickly burgeon into information overload.  I’ve stumbled upon this link that I believe many Newsletter subscribers might want to “bookmark” as […]

Good Storylines Sell Books Regardless of the Publishing Medium

Client Mike Hartner’s Historical Adventure I, WALTER has sold 929 e-copies and 300 softcovers thus far, with 102 of the print-version sales occurring in June.   What’s extremely significant about these numbers, other than the gross sales figures exceeding 1,000, is that Mike’s readership is not only remaining steady but […]