How to Write What People Will Pay to Read! by Robert L. Bacon

I’m proud to announce that my Newsletter broadcast last month marked the five-year anniversary of The Perfect Write® Newsletter, and I’m equally pleased to mention that this edition was special for another reason.  At the request of Newsletter subscribers, in a single e-volume I’ve published the articles I wrote to accompany each Newsletter; material that pertains to writing prose at a level people will pay to read and to the publishing industry as I’ve come to know it during the past 20-plus years as both a novelist and an editor. 
I titled the book HOW TO WRITE WHAT PEOPLE WILL PAY TO READ! and here is the cover shot and the link to order a digital copy, which is priced at the  whopping sum of $2.99.  And if you should desire the book and not have a Kindle Reader, the next link is for an app for a Free Kindle Previewer that enables reading any Amazon-listed book on a variety of e-reading devices.  Again, it is free.

For access to topics, the articles are alphabetized and the search function seems to work exceptionally well.  I’ve also divided the articles into separate “Writing” and “Publishing” sections to make this aspect of curating easier.  Additionally–and I’m both pleased but exhausted by this effort–I freshened up all 120 or so articles in this compendium.  I went through everything six times during a 45-day period, and the total word count for the body of articles came to more than 80,000, which stunned me that it was so expansive.

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