Authors Dissatisfied with Publisher Relationships

Publishers Marketplace recently provided a flood of statistics on author/publisher relationships.  Surprising to me, half the author respondents expressed dissatisfaction with their respective publishers.  It must be mentioned, however, that the poll was potentially skewed. While Writer’s Digest sponsored the survey, 40 percent of the author respondents were from Hugh […]

Hammon’s List of Literary Agents Seeking Authors

I stumbled upon an independent Web site, Bill Hammon’s List of Literary Agents and Their Books.  This site offers a list of agents currently seeking authors. I’m familiar with the agencies listed (in May of 2016), of which there are four.  I cannot suggest strongly enough that anyone with a […]

Sterling Lord Literistics–Legendary Literary Agency

A true bastion of the book-agenting business, Sterling Lord, is the founder of Sterling Lord Literistics.  His agency is always among the leaders each year in titles placed, with well over one hundred.  And anyone checking out the Sterling Lord Literistics Web site will find a dozen or so agents […]

Grammarians–Rare Category of Scholarship

My remarks on legitimate grammarians elicited a lot of excellent commentary.  I never expected so many e-mails from subscribers in support of my contentions.  And specifically the issue surrounding “experts” who find it necessary to attempt to change writing dogma. I believe strongly in what I wrote.  While there is […]

Trends in Publishing

Trends, for anyone desiring publication for the first time by a mainstream publisher (the Big 5 and Kensington), please read the tea leaves.  I’ve mentioned the groundswell of Young Adult material currently consuming so much of the fiction market.  If what follows doesn’t support the trends I’ve routinely been outlining […]

Subgenre Specificity–Too Fine?

Subgenre specificity made me laugh recently.  I noticed a Children’s book listed for “9-year-olds and above.”  Why not say 9 1/2 or 10 1/2 and above?  With all it’s subgenres, the entire Children’s category has become a quagmire of head fakes.  I agree with the need for New Adult as […]

Random House Severs Ties With AuthorSolutions

AuthorSolutions, Inc., affiliation with Random House ended as fast as it began.  On January 5, 2016, Random House announced that it sold its stake in AuthorSolutions, Inc.  An Indian outfit, Najafi, became the new shareholder.  This firm has been buying up political hot potatoes for some time.  It will remain […]

Editors Accommodate Challenging Responsibilities

Editors accommodate their responsibilities via a constant juggling act.  Material has to survive the sternest test of all: the reader.  Hence, we do look at things with greater introspection than some writers would like.  Especially since every author believes that his or her respective material is top-notch to begin with! […]

Middlemarch Timeline

Concerning “Middlemarch” and my recent comments, I misstated the amount of time George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) required to write the story.  I cited this at ten years.  I’ve learned, however, that Ms. Evans spent closer to five years crafting and then collating the text.  This bloc of work ultimately […]

Espresso Book Machine in Bookstores

A bookstore in Paris, France has an Espresso Book Machine on its premises–and few physical books on its shelves.  The owner’s reasoning for choosing the in-house printing technology is not unique.  He cited rising rents and the overall expense involved with maintaining thousands of feet of space to accommodate hundreds […]