Free Opening-Chapter Critique   Recently updated !

An opening-chapter critique from The Perfect Write® discusses in detail the pertinent issues related to publishability.  Never has this been more important than in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. The specifics of any critique are of course dependent on the actual narrative.  However, the analysis normally includes most if not all […]

The Washington Post “Best Book of the Year” List and the Smell Test   Recently updated !

I reported (a strong word for what I do, I know, ha ha) that The Washington Post has placed a self-published  Romance, SERVING PLEASURE,  on its “Best of the Year” list.  Boy, did I miss on this.  Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post–and this book’s an Amazon favorite.  Coincidence?  Come […]

CreateSpace “smallpdf” Link   Recently updated !

I don’t believe many people have registered stronger opposition to Amazon’s monopoly status than I.  Indeed, the firm’s reach extends to virtually all aspects of consumer commerce.  But I’ve also pointed out what I consider the positive of what the company has created with respect to entities such as CreateSpace.  […]

Zora Neale Hurston’s Personal Story Is a True American Tragedy   Recently updated !

One author who received unimaginably poor treatment when one considers her contribution to letters was Zora Neale Hurston.  I recently watched a documentary and learned that The Works Progress Administration under FDR initially funded her writing.  During her lifetime, she was vilified for the oddest of reasons (in my mind).  […]

“First Sale Doctrine and “Fair Use Doctrine” Clash in Digital Environment   Recently updated !

Anyone who’s ever worked in a book-resale environment knows of the “First Sale Doctrine.”  It essentially means that once the book has been purchased it can be resold without compensating the author or publisher.  There are wrinkles to the law, but that’s essentially what it means. Digital books create a […]

“New” Beatrix Potter Manuscript Discovered   Recently updated !

A Beatrix Potter manuscript was just “discovered,” and I predicted that after GO SET A WATCHMAN there would be a number of “remarkable” finds around the corner.  This has proved to be the case, and there will be more.  I wouldn’t even doubt if the book by Matthew, Mark, Luke, […]

Discipline of Professional Editing Defined in One Line   Recently updated !

An article by Lee Boudreaux, a young editor who recently received her own imprint at Little Brown, explains the discipline of editing with striking clarity. The material is not long, and I suggest that it’s worth any writer’s time to read.  Especially anyone who is serious about becoming published or […]

“Everything to Lose” by Pete and Judy Ratto   Recently updated !

As an editor, of course my greatest delight of all is when a client of mine is published by a bona fide royalty publisher.  Unfortunately, in the overwhelming majority of instances I’m not able to discuss the material because of nondisclosure agreements.  These are particularly prevalent in fiction and a […]