I found Anthony Doerr’s ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE to be a remarkable read.  But, as with THE GOLDFINCH, not for the reasons routinely cited in the reviews.  Many who hated ATLWCS said that the latter half of the narrative fell apart.  One reader, a particularly abrasive soul, even […]

Funke Drops Little Brown Over Genre Dispute

A hugely successful Children’s writer, Cornelia Funke, recently dropped publisher Little, Brown, citing editorial differences. Her publishing-house editors wanted her to gear her stories more toward a YA audience.  She believed this change would eliminate much of her established Middle Grade readership.  Ms. Funke refused and plans to publish her […]

“Redemptive Character” Meaning

I often write about the importance of creating characters who are redemptive.  A recent article in The Atlantic pointed exclusively to female protagonists.  Indeed, “Female Characters Don’t Have to Be Likable” implies that a character’s potential for acceptability involves gender.  I found the material about as sophomoric as it gets.  […]

Amazon Prime Reference Book Royalties?

One of my ongoing rants involves Amazon’s payout structure for books lent to its Prime customers.  I’ve contended that the author of a reference manual such as mine, H OW TO WRITE WHAT PEOPLE WILL PAY TO READ!, sits at a decided disadvantage.  Most folks are interested in specific topics […]

Bennett Cerf/Famous Artists Resurrected

The Bennett Cerf error on my part deserves proper chastisement.  I’m particularly pleased when a reader of my hoodoo corrects my miscues.  It matters not if this rebuke comes a Newsletter subscriber or from outside.  Anyone who picks up something I wrote that linked to a meta tag on the […]

Timelines Elude “The Lost Ship” 1

Timelines really matter, contrary to what we see on TV.  Every professional editor on the planet looks closely at story continuity related to timelines.  Yet what’s a writer to think when watching TV shows that demonstrate zero regard for how long it requires to get from one place to another? […]

“ASME” Suspends Fiction Award

“ASME,” the American Society of Magazine Editors has now made it to the top of the bizarre list.  ASME suspended its fiction award for this year because of a paucity of entries.  Huh?  And here’s where it becomes even weirder.  The association’s president said that his organization also didn’t feel […]

Printed Book Popularity Holds

Printed books remain the gold standard, at least according to a recent article (fall of 2016) in The New York Times.  Sixty-five percent of the more than 1,500 people surveyed said they’d read a printed book in the past twelve months.  This repeats the number from the original survey in […]

Megabook Syndrome Remains Intact

The megabook syndrome remains alive and kicking.  Anyone who views the “next big book syndrome” as a myth need only read a recent Random House press release. It reported that the market will be soft for the firm because there’s no megabook in the current mix.  A CEO from another […]

OMICS Group FTC Probe?

OMICS Group.  Who?  Talk about trying to snag a goldfish when several bloated carp are available for easy netting.  The FTC has cited an educational publisher, The OMICS Group, for deceptive practices.  Purportedly, this company misrepresented its services to scholars.  The FTC argument contends that OMICS, and a couple of […]