Provides a Great Link for Learning Formatting with Microsoft Word 1

For anyone who might be interested in learning Microsoft Word the right way, which really helps if Indexing is the goal, Kimberly Hitchens at has provided this link, which is as comprehensive as anything could possibly be that pertains to this word-processing software.  The actual link is, and […]

An Editor’s Responsibility Is Challenging for All

The way I–or any other editor–handle our responsibilities determines if a work will survive the sternest test of all: the reader.  Hence, we do look at things with greater introspection than some writers would like, especially since everyone  believes that the material turned over to an editor is pretty darn […]

Article on Editing Says It All in One Line

My copyeditor, Martha Moffett, whom I never have the slightest problem praising, sent me a lovely article by Lee Boudreaux, a young editor who has been given her own imprint at Little, Brown.  The article is not long, and I suggest that it’s worth every subscriber’s time who’s serious about […]

“Everything to Lose” by Pete and Judy Ratto Signed by Indie Publisher

As an editor, of course my greatest delight of all is when a client of mine is published by a bona fide royalty publisher.  Unfortunately, in the overwhelming majority of instances I’m not able to discuss the material because of nondisclosure agreements.  These are particularly prevalent in fiction and a […]

Amazon to Control Comments from Activists

The Amazon hits keep right on comin’, as the firm is purportedly adjusting its policy regarding “comments” posted on books if they are from activists (the posts, not the books).  First, these aren’t activists.  They are trolls: malcontents who claim to believe everything is a conspiracy.  How is something proffered […]

The Washington Post “Best Book of the Year” List and the Smell Test

I reported (that’s a strong word for what I do, I know, ha ha) in a Newsletter broadcast of mine that a Romance, SERVING PLEASURE, was the first self-published book to make The Washington Post’s “Best of the Year” list.  Boy, did I miss on this.  Jeff Bezos owns The […]

“The Story Siren,” Kristi Diehm, and Admitted Plagiarism

I want to apologize for citing of The Story Siren as a resource for gleaning a review for YA material.  I bit on the propaganda someone sent me without vetting the sender.  I have no way of knowing if it wasn’t Kristi Diehm, The Story Siren herself, who was caught […]

Middlemarch Timeline from Inception to Publication

I want to rectify an error I made regarding Mary Ann Evans’s timeline for MIDDLEMARCH.  In a prior Newsletter of mine I cited this at ten years when it’s documented that Ms. Evans spent closer to five in putting the final draft together that ultimately became what we pick up […]

Random House Severs Ties With AuthorSolutions, Inc.

AuthorSolutions, Inc., affiliation with Random House has ended as fast as it has begun.  On January 5, 2016, it was announced that Random House sold its stake in AuthorSolutions, Inc., to an outfit named Najari.  This firm has been buying up political hot potatoes for some time, and it will […]